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SEGRON offers future-proof test automation solutions for the full suite of communications ecosystems across industries.

Our story begins more than 25 years ago, when two of our founders saw a near-universal need for faster, more efficient, and more sophisticated testing among their consulting clients in the telecom domain. Seeing that nothing on the market could meet this growing need, the pair established a consulting firm that specialized in telco network design, deployment, and testing. Fast-forward to 2012, and SEGRON is born. With the growing team’s vast telecom knowledge, in 2017 they were able to successfully launch SEGRON ATF—short for “automated testing framework”—an automated end-to-end test tool that empowers engineers to perform more than 500 test cases per day, resulting in improved network quality and sped-up time-to-market.

Today, SEGRON is venture capital-backed and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with operations in Bratislava, Slovakia. We’re an international group of 50 people coming from more than 8 different countries. Our team is made up of engineers and experts in IT and the design, integration, operation, and testing of large enterprises bringing together invaluable know-how to develop innovative and personalized solutions for our clients.

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Our Mission & Goals

We are committed to helping companies to tap into the full potential of disruptive technologies by offering tailor test automation solutions and services around the globe.

What makes approach unique is that we can orchestrate real-time testing with out-of-the-box end-user devices (iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices, among others). Plus, we do it all while providing full access to the systems under test, enabling real-time audio, signal trace, system log and CDR analysis.

When it comes to smartphone automation, we can automate any iOS or Android devices, even with custom firmware installed, and integrate them into our solution. No “rooting” or “jailbreak” is required, and no specific software has to be installed for automation.

At SEGRON, we’re working hard to become the testing automation leading provider. We strive to offer the industry expertise and reliable service that businesses look for in a long-term test automation partner—which is why SEGRON’s solutions are used by major European companies. They rely on us to meet their stringent testing needs.

Why Us?



We closely work together with our clients to provide a quick win and make Test Automation a success.



We help you to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, all while improving your test process.



We make sure that you get more for less or the same money—meaning higher test coverage and quicker time to market.



Decades of domain experience power a robust R&D and Customer Operations department keeping pace with technology evolution and latest standards.



SEGRON is a trusted European partner validated by Tier-1 network operators.

Value Proposition

SEGRON offers intelligent test automation solutions for faster, better interconnectivity. Our solutions deliver cost and time savings that are significant and immediate, with low upfront investment and an attractive total cost of end-to-end testing. The result is a reduction in testing time and work by up to 95% compared to traditional testing.


Beyond End2End®

We strive to offer our clients the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Beyond End2End stands for all those features that make the ATF a unique solutions and set us apart from other end-to-end test tools.

Culture & Values

SEGRON runs on innovation and cutting edge technology, but we’re also powered by our values and ideals. These are the guiding principles we rely on as we work to grow our business in a thoughtful, sustainable way while meeting—and exceeding—the needs of our clients and our people.


Customer Success

We’re passionate about providing our customers with the tools and know-how they need to succeed.


Team Spirit

We are thoughtful and helpful to those around us, placing considerable value on fairness and respect. Our positive attitude helps us to overcome the challenges of building a great company. We consider the diversity of skills, cultures, and personalities on our team to be our greatest asset. Innovation We strive to embrace a culture of continuing innovation. This is why we invest heavily in R&D.



We strive to embrace a culture of continuing innovation. This is why we invest heavily in R&D.



Our company is an open book. We make sure our customers are comfortable coming to us with questions and concerns.


Learning & Growth

“Let’s grow together” – we put this into practice by exploring new ways of thinking and constantly striving to expand our capabilities. Our dedicated and exceptional teams are at the core of this work, just as they’re at the core of SEGRON as a whole.



By delivering innovative, cutting edge products to our customers, we help them to transform their testing operations and boost their ROI in the process.

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