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How to ensure voice roaming continuity after the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks

Explore the testing options and obligations operators have to navigate the migration from 2G and 3G to 4G and 5G voice roaming.
Learn how actively testing using real devices before, during and after the rollout can verify interoperability, help operators identify the optimum roaming partner, troubleshoot issues and ensure continued voice (QoE) for subscribers in the most efficient and accurate way.

Why active testing using real devices is the ultimate verification of end-user Quality of Experience

Explore the importance of Quality of Experience (QoE) to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as they strive to deliver high-quality services to their subscribers over fixed and mobile networks.
Learn how active testing using real devices can verify service performance KPIs and ensure optimum QoE is delivered to end users.

Quality assurance testing for 5G industrial applications

Discover 5G status overview and use cases, the impact on QoS and QoE, and the 5G service assurance requirements. Finally, explore a specific case study: 5G private network active testing.
Learn how to ensure effective quality assurance testing for 5G industrial applications.


How Active Testing can help CSPs to avoid Enterprise customerchurn in a post-COVID world.

The widespread adoption of remote working post-COVID brings a new requirement for the provision of enterprise-grade broadband to a distributed, home office-based workforce.

Learn how CSPs can use active testing techniques to meet the complex demands of their enterprise clients and mitigate the risk of churn.

The Telco Engineer's Guide to test Automation

Growing Network and service complexity in combination with the fast smartphone evolution is causing a growing testing demand. Interworking between newest and legacy technologies must be ensured.

Learn how the right Test Automation approach can improve Customer Experience, Service Quality and speed up Time-to-Market.

Automated Testing Framework


ATF leaflet

As new technologies enter the market, network providers have to cope with new levels of complexity. At the same time, interworking these new elements of technology into existing networks has become business-critical. The result is a dramatic increase in the need for testing. SEGRON’s test automation solutions ensure optimal service quality and rapid time-to -market for next- generation 5G and IoT services.

Global Service Enabler

GSE leaflet cover

GSE leaflet

Verify the performance of your digital services over internation and roaming networks from any location using real out-of-the-box smartphones.

intelligent Device Automation

iDA leaflet

iDA is an innovative tool enabling device testers to quickly and easily verify the full functionalities of the latest and even pre-released smartphones on any network and to report potential problems to manufacturers. Simply connect a new device and start the iDA learning algorithm and in less than 30 minutes the device is ready for the verification testing which is executed automatically. Result is the proof of successful network and device interoperability.

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Linux IT Engineer

Service summary:

• Understand SEGRON’s technology, product, and IT systems
• Design, set-up, install and transition SEGRON IT services towards Linux cloud deployments.
• Administer and manage applications of SEGRON Linux IT system landscapes
• Act as direct contact person for an external team of Linux security experts and be responsible for
service operations (requests, changes, problems, incidents)
• Provision and maintain Linux clients/servers in production and development environments.
• Solid Python scripting knowledge
• Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible and YAML playbooks.
• Experience of monitoring tools and statistics – InfluxDB, Grafana
• Strong technical problem-solving skills and experience in IP networking and static routing FTP,
SSH, SMTP, DNS, HTTP/S, DHCP, SMB/NFS, Syslog logging facility
• Solid understanding of operating databases and file systems
• Solid understanding of server deployment, configuration and troubleshooting common issues
• Preparing cost estimates for System security enhancements
• Testing the final security system and updating and upgrading it as needed.
• Responding quickly and effectively to all security incidents and providing post-event analyses
• Monitoring the IT security supplier, cultivating a sense of security awareness within our
organization, and arranging for continuous education
• Remaining up to date with the latest security systems, standards, authentication protocols, and
• Representing SEGRON in case of security audits driven by suppliers

Skills & Qualifications

• Interest in digital system landscapes, web technologies and cloud computing
• Enthusiasm for innovation, technology, learning and knowledge
• Excellent customer communication skills
• Team player, willing to help, flexible
• Excellent knowledge of English


• Full time job
• Offered rate: from 35 EUR/hour (depends on seniority and skills level)