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How Active Testing can help CSPs to avoid Enterprise customerchurn in a post-COVID world.

The widespread adoption of remote working post-COVID brings a new requirement for the provision of enterprise-grade broadband to a distributed, home office-based workforce.

Learn how CSPs can use active testing techniques to meet the complex demands of their enterprise clients and mitigate the risk of churn.

The Telco Engineer's Guide to test Automation

Growing Network and service complexity in combination with the fast smartphone evolution is causing a growing testing demand. Interworking between newest and legacy technologies must be ensured.

Learn how the right Test Automation approach can improve Customer Experience, Service Quality and speed up Time-to-Market.

Automated Testing Framework


ATF leaflet

As new technologies enter the market, network providers have to cope with new levels of complexity. At the same time, interworking these new elements of technology into existing networks has become business-critical. The result is a dramatic increase in the need for testing. SEGRON’s test automation solutions ensure optimal service quality and rapid time-to -market for next- generation 5G and IoT services.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEGRON's ATF

Making the transition from manual to automated tests can be daunting. At SEGRON, we know first-hand that anyone who’s thinking about adopting a new testing framework is going to have a lot of questions. Luckily, when it comes to our own Automated Testing Framework, we’ ve got answers. Download the FAQ to find out more.

intelligent Device Automation

iDA leaflet

Easily set up a variety of devices and operating systems on your Automated Testing Framework.


Frequently Asked Questions about SEGRON's iDA

SEGRON’s iDA helps you to add new devices to the test environment, reducing your time-to-market. If you have doupts, download the FAQ to get the answers.

Global Service Enabler


GSE leaflet

Verify the performance of your digital services over internation and roaming networks from any location using real out-of-the-box smartphones.

SEGRON Active Revenue Assurance

SARA leaflet

 An independent, active revenue assurance testing solution with real smartphones.

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