5G & Smart Solutions


5G & Smart Solutions

SEGRON’s automated testing solutions increases efficiency, improves Quality of Service, and reduces time to market.

Across industries, quality assurance has always a business-critical function.

A basic criteria to ensure proper quality in the complex network environment of a modern company is proper testing and verification of the network services using the latest smartphones and devices. With the introduction of Voice over LTE and VoWiFi, the voice services are a layer on top of the data services and merged together by using the same network layer. The quality assurance for data services (Internet) has to be regarded as equally important as for the former voice domain.

Not only businesses but also consumers — the whole society — are highly dependent on data services.

The world in which 5G powers increased connectivity in rural areas, smart manufacturing 4.0, and along rail lines, as well as smart cities and towns will be reachable until companies have had the chance to test things out in a safe environment.

Therefore, the quality of all telco operations and the testing of the same has become pivotal for operators, their customers, and regulators and makes automated testing indispensable.

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Prepare Your Network for 5G

5G demands more frequent, innovative testing strategies.

Is your network ready for latency rates of 1 millisecond? The advent of 5G means customers expect speeds of up to 100 times faster than current networks, thanks to much greater bandwidth and exponentially lower latency rates. Read more

Keep up with the proliferation of connected devices. The incredible volume and variety of connected devices continue to rise. And with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), customers will expect constant connectivity on everything from their watches and phones to their cars, refrigerators, and much more. As the number of devices keeps increasing, so do demands on telco operators’ device testing–the devices themselves will require conformance and service testing, while networks will need more exhaustive verification and quality assurance testing. And all of this at a time when service verification has already become much more complex and difficult. Given all these conditions, automated device testing is a natural solution to overcome the rising testing demand and shorten the required testing throughput.

Streamline testing operations and reduce costs. What kinds of tools are on your testing bench? As telecommunications evolve, so should those tools. For instance, a modern testing lab needs to cover the complete functional spectrum starting from 2G towards VoLTE/VoWifi ending up with 5G. To maintain all these technologies considering the complex interworking and interfaces between the Radio, Core and Access part in the voice and data are permanent monitoring and verification of the lab is required to ensure the lab performance and stability. With a modern test automation solution, either heartbeat testing or even more complex service availability testing can be done on a regular basis. The operators can save long lead times for the lab preparation and avoid potentially cost-prohibitive investments needed for lab cleanup and troubleshooting during running projects, which are further causing delays in launching new services. With a trusted test automation partner and solution you can keep your lab up to date, reflecting your live network as close as possible.

Complex technologies require efficient verification processes. It’s no secret that telecommunications networks have become much more complex in the past decades. Operators must test and maintain 2G, 3G, and LTE radio access networks in parallel. The future brings 5G, network virtualization, and an explosion in IoT-enabled devices, which will only further complicate the network verification process. Pair this with higher expectations from customers, who increasingly rely on a host of connected devices, and it’s easy to see why automated network verification would be an exceptionally wise choice. Thanks to many years of international experience, our network verification engineers bring broad technical knowledge and expertise in automated testing. They specialize in speeding up verification and delivering reproducible results. SEGRON verification engineers use hardware and software tools developed in-house, and we tailor our services to accommodate your needs.

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