SEGRON' s intelligent Device Automation

Easily set up a variety of devices and operating systems – including iOS 15 and Android 12 – on your automated testing framework.


SEGRON’S intelligent Device Automation (iDA) is an innovative tool enabling testers to quickly and easily add all the latest and pre-released devices to SEGRON’s Automated Testing Framework (ATF) to ensure seamless functionality on any network or application.

Main Features:

SEGRON's Intelligent Device Automation

New and Pre-released devices Testing has never been so easy.

iDA Mac & iPhone
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SEGRON’s iDA is a Game Changer

Testers know all about the complexities of testing out new devices. Each device and operating system has a unique set of menus, element paths, displayed content and formats. These processes are time consuming and labor intensive. Within 20 minutes, the iDA builds the library for SEGRON’s ATF to control the device. There’s no additional setup required – the device is ready for automated testing. All test cases in the ATF are device independent, so you can start testing each device immediately using existing test cases.

How it works?

Using SEGRON’s iDA is quick and easy. Simply plug the new device into a computer hosting the iDA. When the iDA application is run, it builds the library to control the device and generates a description file for the ATF application. It only takes 20 minutes, and the ATF is ready to run existing automated test suites with the new device. No additional setup or maintenance is required. Additionally, the process is secure. The description file is not available on any kind of cloud or online platform. This allows you to adhere to strict contractual agreements with the phone vendors. The iDA enables an exceptionally faster feedback cycle to device manufacturers and improves collaboration.
SEGRON's intelligent Device Automation process

Key Benefits

Key Benefits Accelerated Time-to-Market

SEGRON’s iDA can complete the setup in only 20 minutes for any Android or iOS device, operating system, or firmware, including custom firmware. Existing test suites can be run with the new device immediately.

Day 1 Availability

SEGRON’s iDA can only be used with our ATF solution, which is ready out-of-the-box for new device testing. No additional setup is required. It’s a turnkey solution that will deliver immediate benefits.

Latest and Pre-Released Devices

With SEGRON’s iDA, testing on pre-released devices has never been so quick and easy. Instead of spending time on the test setup, test engineers are able to focus on the test results. This enables faster root cause analysis and timely feedback to the manufacturers.


SEGRON’s iDA is based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, so it is continuously learning to keep pace with device and firmware evolution. SEGRON’s platform is user-friendly and intuitive, so the entire testing staff can add devices and write test cases as new functions and technology emerge.

Latest smartphones and firmware added




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