SEGRON' s National Service Enabler

The National Service Enabler allows you to verify the domestic performance of your digital services.

SEGRON’s National Service Enabler uses real, out-of-the-box smartphones to ensure your test results accurately reflect your customer’s experience across your country.

How Does the NSE Work?

SEGRON's National Service Enabler
SEGRON's Automated Testing Framework interface


Test Results Reflect the Actual Customer Experience

Keep Pace with Device and Technology Evolution

Future proof your service verification with SEGRON’s active testing solutions. Easily integrate any phone, operating system, or firmware into the test environment with the intelligent Device Automation. This even includes day-one availability of pre-released devices. You also have the flexibility to test all kinds of network and technology infrastructures: 2G, 3G, VoLTE and 5G VoNR.

Most Accurate Emergency Service Verification

There is no room for error when it comes to emergency services. Real, out-of-the-box smartphones without modifications are deployed in various geographic locations throughout your service area, so you can ensure you get the most accurate test results.

Improve Efficiency and Resource Utilization

Writing test cases has never been so easy. No need for developers to write code when testing staff can create custom test cases with the user-friendly, keyword-based interface. Powerful reporting is built into the NSE, so your testing staff can perform quick analysis and easy troubleshooting.

Locate Problems before Your Customers are Impacted

SEGRON’s Beyond End-to-End® features go above and beyond typical end-to-end testing to reveal hidden issues when all relevant tests seem to pass.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Attract new subscribers and reduce churn as you are recognized for the most dependable nationwide coverage.

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