SEGRON Active Revenue Assurance

An independent, active revenue assurance testing solution with real smartphones.

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Generating Service Usage with End-User Smartphones

The SEGRON Test Call Generator (TCG) controls end-user smartphones to generate service usage using SIMs from different rate plans. With our global TCG, we design and perform automated revenue assurance test campaigns. These tests uncover risk points and blind spots for your top revenue-generating fees and services.

Main Features:

SEGRON's Tariff Plan Testing


Active Revenue Assurance accompanies the evolution of telecommunication technologies to ensure a seamless transition and reduce leakages related to:

Switch-to-Bill Verification

Detect and seal every source of leakage for your top-revenue fees by generating reference Charging Data Records (CDRs) for all types  of usage, including voice, messaging, data and over-the-top (OTT) apps. Compare these against CDR extracts from your switches, mediation, charging and billing systems.


Make sure any event generated on an end-user device is captured on the network to detect missing and duplicate CDRs.


Confirm your network nodes and functions are measuring service usage accurately.

Rating and billing

Verify the correct subscription plan is rating usage and billing as expected.

SARA dashboard

Insightful Reporting

Following are some summary metrics for RA verification:


Protect your revenue by proactively testing potential risk points of the top revenue-generating fees and charges.

Test and validate the charging rules for new offers and services before going live.

Perform regression testing and make sure revenue streams are not affected by new changes and integrations.

Ensure that metering and pricing rules are accurate to protect your reputation and maintain customer satisfaction. Active revenue assurance provides proof of compliance and avoids regulatory violations.

Our revenue assurance experts provide a fully-managed service so you don’t need to invest your own resources. We deliver highly-sophisticated analysis and actionable leakage information.

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