Segron iDA – intelligent Device Automation (iDA)

Segron intelligent Device Automation

SEGRON’s Intelligent Device Automation (iDA)

Thanks to iDA, new devices can be added into the test environment in just a few minutes. As a result, iDA drastically shortens the time-to-market not only for new devices but also in any digital service running on them.

In device automation, the device user interface – including its menu system, element paths, and displayed content and formats – needs to be known by the system to control the equipment. This configuration data not only differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but is usually changing with the model, firmware, and OS releases as well.

Why Segron intelligent Device Automation?

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal user experience, it is essential to verify any digital service type on the latest smartphones and firmware versions.
Keeping pace with device and firmware evolution is problematic for usual test automation systems tied to specific (sometimes even rooted) devices.  

Using artificial intelligence (AI) iDA is a “breakthrough” in device control and automated End2End quality assurance.

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Intuitive Recognition

iDA not only detects and automates so-called "built-in” applications but also OTT applications.
It does not alter the phone setting in any way and does not read or store any call or browser history data.


Lean Advanced Testing

Segron iDA interacts with and requires the standard ATF environment. Connected Android and iOS-based devices are automatically discovered and the device certification process can be controlled via a graphical user interface.

High Speed

Both Android and iOS devices are supported, and processing a new device is a matter of minutes.

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