Segron RF – Remote Framework (RF)

Segron Remote Framework

SEGRON’s Remote
Framework (RF)

Coordinate testing from your headquarters to an unlimited geographical locations to ensure service quality and optimal user experience on a global scale.

Segron Remote Framework (RF) enables synchronized testing in geographically separated locations, including roaming services, fraud detection, mobile banking, including cross-industry services.


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Our solution

The Remote Framework allows users to log in to their personal accounts from any location and use secure protocols to communicate with the central SEGRON Automated Framework (ATF) Core and integrated equipment.

International test campaigns can be composed, scheduled, and executed via an intuitive graphical UI.

The SEGRON Remote Framework aggregates data from geographically separated test points. All results are presented and made available on the ATF Hub, an intuitive User Interface.

Key Benefits of SEGRON
Remote Framework

Ensure excellent customer service experience on a global level by using any type of firmware, including iOS and custom Android in any location and any radio access – including 4G (VoLTE) and 5G.



It takes advantage of virtualization to control distributed ATF instances from a central host or distributed management systems, supporting among others, Test run/campaign creation, execution, and scheduling, Test result statistics and Test system management.



The ATF Remote Framework is built to cover the test requirements of global industry leaders. It scales well for any size of the test environment in ports, processing capacity, and memory.



The Segron Remote Framework ecosystem is managed from the ATF Hub – A graphical user interface and management platform for ATF Core. ATF Hub is accessed remotely from anywhere around the globe and any web browser. The Remote Framework is compatible with all the “Beyond” features of the ATF and any type of custom smartphone firmware and radio access (2G to 5G).


Full Orchestration

The architecture allows for full orchestration of devices, virtualized resources, and other third party equipment.

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