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Industry 4.0 &

Automated robotic assembly lines and self-driving cars

Automated robotic assembly lines, automatic logistics systems using drones, self-driving cars, and other autonomous vehicles are just a few examples of industry segments that will benefit from new wireless technologies such as LTE-M and 5G.

The vast bandwidth and low latency of these wireless technologies will open new business opportunities and bring challenges since the communication between devices and control systems will need to be unbreakable for continuous operation. In such mission-critical communication services, continuous and fully automated testing is crucial to ensure compliance and finding corner cases. Many scenarios need to replicate realistic conditions and be verified under different circumstances.

Smart devices that collect the data from sensors and
meters need to be automated

Smart devices that collect the data from sensors and meters need to be automated, which commonly involves integrating low-level ASIC commands, RESTful API, SOAP API, or similar interfaces – all of which Segron ATF supports. The interface is used to trigger device events, such as meter value, an alarm, a report, or to initiate a voice channel. For devices with chipsets that have, for example, a C library available for development purposes, wrappers are created for the native library to build an API, which can be integrated into the testing framework.

Segron ATF inspects the reported data and compares it with the transmitted data to assure the payload’s integrity and format. This method is also used for audio communication, for example, over the voice channel in LTE-M. It’s audio is tested with the same ATF audio verification features used for mobile devices: a reference audio sample is played from the device over the voice channel and recorded on the network side (or vice versa), and the two pieces are compared for similarity and quality.

Ready for IIoT and other industrial applications

The test cases can be extended with radio control, a handleable radio environment for stress, and robustness testing. Tests can also be combined with packet capture and signalling verification.

After each test execution, the powerful reporting and logging functions of SEGRON ATF allow identification of corner cases and ensure that all test-related files, including audio samples and trace files are stored for post-processing.

Due to its flexible and distributed architecture, the SEGRON ATF integrates smoothly into existing CI/CD pipelines. This allows IIoT and other industrial applications to be tested continuously, assuring quality, consistency, and fast identification of faults.

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