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Test Automation

Rapid Integration with existing CI/CD pipelines

Even though there is no unique definition of DevOps, the common understanding is that it is a set of practices aiming to shorten the time from commit to production system while ensuring high quality. Segron ATF has many features to enable efficient testing:

  • Distributed architecture facilitates rapid integration with existing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Fast test scripting with feature-rich keyword-based libraries.
  • Support of out-of-the-box devices with an automatic discovery process allows quick integration of new devices.

Increased system complexity and fragmentation requires accelerated testing.

In the production of complex software systems, this is achieved with automation and a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) approach, allowing immediate integration testing of pieces of software as they are committed to the production system. How CI/CD is integrated to a pipeline:

Test cases are residing on the Git server and system code and uploaded to Jenking to create pipelines. For any new build, the CI team creates the pipelines for each build server corresponding to its ATF instance and configuration and the workflow includes:

  • Checkout and clone Git repo branch
  • Initiate ATF instances
  • Perform pre-test setup
  • Run system tests (unit, end-to-end tests)
  • Perform post-test processing
  • Collect and analyze results

After successful regression tests, the build candidates are created and on which end-to-end and integration tests with other systems are performed. In principle, each tested build is a release candidate (that is, at the end of the pipeline). The build needs to have passed all tests, but possibly for a small number of known issues or non-critical issues.

These may include imperfections in a specific component being phased-out and replaced. Different build servers can be used for specific purposes, such as testing Android devices, iPhones, and performing unit tests. 

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