SEGRON offers future-proof test automation solutions for a full suite of the telecommunications environment for faster and more comprehensive service verification.
Beyond End2End®

Test Automation

Test Automation As new technologies enter the market, network providers have to cope with new levels of complexity. At the same time, interworking emerging technology into existing networks has become business-critical.

SEGRON test automation solutions ensure optimal service quality and improved time-to-market for next-generation 5G and IoT services.

SEGRON's Beyond End2End® Testing Approach

SEGRON ATF provides feature-rich, high performance verification, finally offering players in the telecom ecosystem a full testing solution.

With rapid network and device verification, SEGRON’s ATF ensures the highest possible quality without sacrificing efficiency.
Beyond End2End®
The SEGRON ATF is designed to go Beyond End2End® to offer signalling data and other protocol-level information about your network as it is being tested.
SEGRON’s ATF is designed to go deeper, offering users test data that covers the space between your endpoints, e.g. signalling patterns, etc. The result is that it can uncover errors and potential service issues that would otherwise remain hidden, even in cases where all relevant tests seem to pass.

Signalling Protocol Analysis

Signalling trace analysis is essential for high-quality testing. The ATF Signalling Protocol Analysis feature is the direct result of decades of proven field experience in software development and signalling network design. It enables users to analyse and verify the entire 3GPP and IETF protocol stack on a bit level. The ATF easily analyses all protocols decoded by Wireshark.

Audio Verification

The ATF can easily analyse tones, speech path, and announcements on all automated end-devices including, but not limited to smartphones, SIP phones, and legacy phones. Tones can be analyzed in connection and pre-connection state (e.g. ring-back tones, dial-tones, etc.). Voice path verification is performed with ITU (International Telecommunications Union) compliant voice samples.

Man-Machine Language (MML) Interface Automation

The ATF integrates with the MML syntax of all major network equipment manufacturers and is designed to integrate with the MML and GUI (graphical user interface) configuration interface for all major IT and telco equipment manufacturers. This feature enables flexible configuration and internal log analysis to ensure the highest possible test quality.

Protocol Analyser / Centralised Monitoring System Automation

Wireshark, or any other monitoring system offering API.

Automated Document Analysis

The ATF is able of verifing PDF documents, such as customer invoices, and orders..

Charging Verification

Automated collection and analysis of CDR/EDR (call data records/event data records) enables the ATF to verify accurate customer billing.

Automated verification of Emergency calls is a standard use case to be covered by our core product.
Device Control (Android, iOS, eCall device for vehicles), RAN Control (2G, 3G, 4G), Signalling and Audio Verification capabilites are combined to verify any type of Emergency Call with any device, including landiline.


Main features:
SEGRON's Automated Testing Framework interface

Automated Emergency Call testing

Mobile Devices & Application Test Automation

SEGRON’s solution to the problems we’ve outlined above is the result of several years of development and know-how in the telecom industry.
SEGRON's Mobile Devices & Application Test Automation
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Capabilities
OSS/BSS functionalities have a tremendous impact on the average telco’s ability to protect revenue and roll out new service offerings.

OSS (Operations Support Systems)

SEGRON's ATF enables automated testing for back-office operations, such as:

This functionality helps users within the telco operation to design, activate, and assure service for new offerings, such as VoIP network connections in a new region or a new roaming partnership with another operator.
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Audio Verification

The ATF integrates with your CRM to enable automated testing for:

The SEGRON ATF is integrated with your CRM system in addition to the usual test elements, like out-of-the-box smartphones. Testers can automatically perform calls and use data with the phones, verify that the voice and data usage is being recorded properly and ensure that the data is being transmitted for future invoice generation.

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