HSS Migration Testing


The Client

Global Telco Equipment Manufacturer

A leading telco equipment manufacturer was in the process of implementing a highly redundant HSS DB, which would require a massive subscriber migration on a particularly tight timeline. They were looking at around 200 highly complex test cases containing provisioning, MAP protocol verification, and several regression cycles that would have to be dealt with before they could complete the project.

Faced with this somewhat daunting task, it quickly became clear that performing all of these tests manually would lead to considerable delays. 



The Challenge

With a hard deadline looming, more than 200 test cases had to be executed to verify subscriber migration, with each test case requiring automatic HSS provisioning and complex signal (MAP) trace analysis. 

To add further pressure and complexity, changes in software and configuration during the implementation phase would create a significant need for extensive regression testing. Unfortunately, the company’s current manual test approach led to a throughput of only 6 test cases per engineer per day—meaning that 200 test cases would require 30 working person-days.

Something had to give. Rather than subjecting the project to massive delays by persisting with        manual testing, the company opted to seek out an automated test solution that could improve their throughput and aid in their regression tests.   



The Solution

HSS Migration Project

Based on their specific challenge and working criteria, the client found that SEGRON was their best bet for improving quality and efficiency in the testing phase. SEGRON ATF (Automated Test Framework) was implemented to set up a robust testing environment, in which the company automated 200 complex Priority-1 test cases (including mVoLTE calls) to verify all relevant migration scenarios.

The provisioning interface to the HSS was successfully automated and controlled by the corresponding test case, and correct MAP signalling was analyzed by the ATF and included in the test results. Instead of potentially days or weeks spent verifying a successful migration, 

The client was able to run through all 200 automated test cases in only 10 hours.


The Result

SEGRON ATF quickly and efficiently orchestrated 200 automated test cases, controlling more than 10 mobile devices in a complex RAN environment (2G, 3G, and 4G).

In doing so, SEGRON delivered time saving of 95%

The company was able to verify a successful subscriber migration in a cost effective way, and because the test cases could be easily extended or modified on demand, they were poised to perform regression tests with the same level of ease and efficiency. 

Thus, rather than spending vast amounts of time and resources trying to meet a deadline that may have still proved impossible, our client was able to sit back and watch the magic at work. Not only did our test automation solution help make service verification possible under serious time constraints, it also gave back time to engineers who could be put to use on more value-additive task—resulting in improved ROI figures even beyond the test environment. 

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