Live Network Regression Testing




The Client

Leading European Telco Operator

A leading European Telco Operator wanted to perform regression testing after SW (Software) upgrades or parameter changes within the live network. The testing needed to be done during an overnight maintenance window to minimize customer impact. 



The Challenge

The scope of the operator’s existing regression testing included 10-20 functional use cases, which each required about two hours for manual test case execution–all during the overnight maintenance window. These parameters were very challenging because testing often could not begin until 3 AM, and engineers were quite fatigued.

Furthermore, the two-hour maintenance window left little time for detailed verification. Engineers could perform only quick verifications for the operations department to get the current status of the live network after SW upgrades or other maintenance work.



The Solution

Live Network Regression Testing for Network Operations

SEGRON focused on the integration of 50 functional test cases, which were optimized for very quick execution. The selected test cases were analyzed together with the operations department to cover the most critical functions after an SW upgrade or maintenance work.

SEGRON further developed a two-stage testing campaign: the “quick verification” where the engineer was still on site, and another “detailed verification” that started after the night work when the engineer left the site. The next morning, engineers could check the  detailed verification report to get an immediate overview of any possible customer impact.

The automatic execution of these 50 Test Cases requires only 60 minutes

So the engineering team can execute three times the test cases in half of the time to get a quick overview of the network status after software updates or other network changes.



The Result

Implementing SEGRON ATF resulted in a much more efficient process for the network operations engineering team, who no longer have to spend time on manual service verification during overnight shifts. Engineers can now spend that time running more detailed verification test cases. As a result, end customers enjoy better quality service. 

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