Key Benefits

SEGRON enables you to test more, faster, at a lower cost.

Improved Quality

Increase service quality, improve customer satisfaction and retention. By testing as much as possible, you avoid risks that could harm your brand and increase churn.

Reduce Costs

Up to 80% direct cost savings in test execution. Automate existing and future tests that would otherwise require thousands of man-hour.

Save Time

Catch up with time-to-market that the business requires by shortening the testing period by 30-80%. Eliminate all human-related bottlenecks by running multiple automated tests in parallel.

Try our Augmented Reality Device Unit

Interact now with the SEGRON’s GSE device unit:
explore the Augmented Reality experience simply using your own device and get a glance of our product.

The Augmented Reality Device Unit is live on

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New partnership between SEGRON & Comfone


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