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Achieve Outstanding Test Quality in Record Time

The SEGRON ATF is a framework-based end-to-end testing solution for all stages in the product lifecycle. It offers players in the telecom, automotive, retail and financial industries a state-of-the-art, future proof and flexible testing solution. With rapid service, mobile app, network and device verification, SEGRON’s ATF ensures the highest possible quality without sacrificing efficiency.


Main Features:

SEGRON's Automated Testing Framework interface

Why is SEGRON's ATF Necessary ?

New technologies are continuously introducing new levels of complexity. High performing applications and digital services are essential to retain customers and increase revenue.

SEGRON's Challenges and Solutions

SEGRON’s test automation solutions ensure optimal quality and rapid time-to-market for next-generation services.

Why is SEGRON'S ATF necessary?

As new technologies enter the market, service providers have to cope with new levels of complexity. At the same time, interworking these new elements of technology into existing networks has become business critical. The result is a dramatic increase in the need for testing. SEGRON’s test automation solutions ensure optimal service quality and rapid time-to-market for next-generation services.

The SEGRON Beyond End-to-End® testing approach integrates seamlessly into existing quality assurance systems.

More Complex Networks

First and foremost, networks and services have become more complex. Today, in addition to core network technologies, every telecom operator has to maintain and test at least 3 radio access networks in parallel (2G/3G/LTE), which are often multi-vendor implementations. 5G and network virtualization are on the horizon or already there, meaning that this complexity is only going to increase.

Development Methodologies

Just as networks and services are getting more complex, agile development methodologies, which are widely adopted by network and software vendors, are radically compressing version cycles. The result? Software updates and upgrades are being released more rapidly and under considerably more time pressure.

Higher Stakes

As if this weren’t enough, extensive mobile data usage has made not only businesses, but also consumers and even society itself, completely dependent on digital services and applications. Transparency and ease-of-use continue to drive up usage, and this puts pressure on organizations to offer services that are more and more complex to produce and ensure quality performance.

The ATF offers feature-rich and high-performance solutions. It facilitates rapid service verification while ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.

The ATF offers feature-rich and high-performance solutions.
It facilitates rapid service verification while ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.



SEGRON’s ATF is a turnkey solution, and deployments deliver benefits in 1-2 weeks.

By using SEGRON’s ATF, clients can achieve higher test quality in record time. The result is a significant reduction in costs and improved resource utilization.

By running the SEGRON ATF in an existing testing environment, customers can optimize processes and shorten time-to-market for all types of product deployments.

Immediate Results
Quality Improvements & Cost Reduction
Shortened Time-to-Market & Improved Testing Processes

SEGRON’s ATF generates detailed test reports, logs and KPI’s which support management reporting and troubleshooting. Alarms and alerts can be configured to send notifications when service issues are detected (valuable for 24/7 testing).

Our end-to-end testing approach utilizes the latest out-of-the-box Android and iOS smartphones without rooting or jailbreaking, and we keep pace with device evolution. Integration of device or firmware changes are seamless, can be implemented within a matter of minutes and have no maintenance impact on existing tests.

SEGRON’s ATF is designed to integrate with the MML (man-machine language) and GUI (graphical user interface) configuration interface for all major IT and telco equipment suppliers. This capability enables automated SUT configuration, alarm and log analysis and expands the depth of testing which is required in laboratories and high-tech testing facilities.

Powerful Reporting and Analysis
Latest Newly Released Devices
Integration with Major Network Equipment and Tool Manufacturers

When used in combination with the iDA, SEGRON’s ATF enables “Day 1 Availability” of newest firmware and devices for automated end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) testing. This gives engineers, developers and device testers the capability to test services and functions on even pre-released devices and newest device firmware versions.

The ATF can automate testing workflows on a domestic or international basis.
Service verification of both national and international connections helps ensure optimal quality of experience for end customers at home and while travelling.

An intuitive and intelligent user interface enables developers and engineers to design test scenarios for even the most complex services by themselves without having any development skills.

Day 1 Availability
Testing in Any Location
Easy-to-Use Keyword Based Testing

End-to-End Testing Capabilities

Deliver your digital services with speed and quality.

Device Automation

We enable automated testing on any type of smartphone (Android, iOS), tablet or IoT device without adding specialized software onto the device and without jailbreaking or rooting. All devices are exactly as end-customers are using them.
Open market and custom firmware are supported. The ATF automatically adapts to firmware changes (iOS and Android) within minutes.

Mobile App Automation

We enable automated app testing for built-in and custom applications on any type of smartphone (even pre-released devices) in any location.

WEB frontend and GUI Automation

WebUI (HTML, JAVA), applications (JAVA, Windows executables).


SEGRON’s ATF is easy to use and deploy. Design your own test cases for any digital service, on any device, in any location. It’s ready out-of-the-box with powerful features, 3rd party integrations, and dynamic reporting.

It’s designed for all stages of the product lifecycle – whether you are designing a new product or rolling out enhancements – the ATF will help you execute thousands of tests per day to ensure performance and quality.


Improve quality and performance while significantly reducing costs with SEGRON’s automated testing solutions. SEGRON’s ATF is a turnkey solution, and deployments deliver benefits in 1-2 weeks. This enables a shortened time-to-market and improved resource utilization.

End-to-End Testing Capabilities

The ATF enables delivery of your digital services with speed and quality. Automate testing for any type of smartphone (Android and iOS), tablet, or IoT device. Mobile app performance can be verified for built-in and custom applications.

Beyond End2End® Testing Capabilities

The ATF works seamlessly with your test management system (TMS), software repositories (e.g., GITHUB, GITLAB, Bitbucket), and all major IT and network equipment manufacturers. Ensure quality for every release by integrating the ATF into your CI/CD pipeline and execute thousands of test cases per day.

Alarms and notifications can be configured for immediate failure detection. Optimal root cause and in-depth analysis is powered with frontend and backend verification, machine interface automation, and signal tracing. The ATF can even perform document analysis by comparing PDF and TXT documents to system records.

Beyond End2End® Testing Capabilities

Uncover errors and potential issues that would otherwise remain hidden by using off-the-shelf available functions of the ATF.

CI/CD require continuous testing to add the missing piece: assure the quality of every release. SEGRON’s ATF can be integrated into your CI/CD pipeline to execute thousands test cases per day, autonomously. It performs regression, performance, API and security tests to help QA engineers and developers achieve their goals and empower the automation flow.

The ATF integrates seamless into most test management systems (TMS) and Software Repositories, e.g., GITHUB, GITLAB, Bitbucket.

Configurable intelligent alarming and integration into network management systems (NMS) ensure quickest reaction times in case of failure detection.

CI/CD Integration
TMS Integration and SW Repository Integration
Automated Intelligent Alarming and NMS Integration

Any type of automatable backend system can be integrated into the testing process. This enables frontend and backend verification, as well as Beyond End2End® capabilities for root cause detection and in-depth service analysis.

The ATF integrates seamless into most test management systems (TMS) and Software Repositories, e.g., GITHUB, GITLAB, Bitbucket.

The ATF integrates seamlessly with the MML syntax and GUI of all major IT and network equipment manufacturers. This feature enables automated configuration and log analysis to ensure the highest possible test quality.

Automated document (e.g., PDF, TXT) analysis enables the ATF to compare documents to system records in order to verify accurate customer billing.

Backend System Automation
TMS Integration and SW Repository Integration
Machine Interface Automation
Document Verification

Active testing in different Industries

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