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Getting Familiar with Test Automation

A few months ago, I decided to embrace a new challenge in my career with an up and coming technology company. I still remember when I was first familiarizing myself with the basics of test automation. In the beginning, I must admit I had the feeling that it was a very technical and vertical business that addressed requirements and demands for specific industries only. Test automation seemed to be something that only engineers, CTOs or CIOs needed to be concerned about.

But as I dug into it more, I understood that test automation relates to a numbers of challenges across industries and throughout an organization. Suddenly, I realized that in my previous roles and positions, I could have used such a solution. It surely would have made my life as a marketer and digital expert much easier.

When we are talking about test automation, the telco industry is the traditional use case, running multiple test suites to ensure network quality for their subscribers. But these days, almost every company interacts with their customers via digital services and applications. As a result, a number of other industries are jumping into the picture, such as healthcare, finance, banking, automotive and e-commerce. 

There are so many different needs and challenges at play today that are increasing the relevance of the test automation market. 
 It’s not only increasing customer expectations, or the advent of 5G, or new methodologies like agile development that are changing the way companies innovate. It’s not only about the number of new devices that are continuously being released, the incredible pace of today’s technology, or the speed of digital transformation. It’s not only the changes that 2020 and COVID-19 brought on. 
It’s the culmination of all of these factors coming together in today’s world that call for a new approach to testing digital services.

Test automation enables organizations to face all of these challenges. With test automation, hundreds of test cases can be executed in a single day, in the exact same way, over and over again, on any device, anywhere. Instead of performing repetitive, time consuming, manual tests, test engineers can focus on reviewing test results, troubleshooting and fixing the problems.

In December 2019, a global survey conducted by a US software firm, Compuware, revealed that most enterprises think manual testing is one of the major hindrances to a business’s success. More than 90% of respondents believed that test automation is the single most crucial factor in accelerating innovation. However, the survey also found that only 7% of enterprises automate tests on the mainframe, indicating the considerable market opportunity for automation testing.

This is why the market size of test automation is globally impacted by a CAGR growth of 14%+ increase year over year, bringing the market value to $35b in the next few years. Moreover, the power of automation with the support of AI introduces even more opportunities for growth. It has become clear that manual testing is no longer a realistic option due to the number of variables that come into play to ensure quality and the time required to perform comprehensive test suites.

Any industry offering digital services can experience the benefits of automated testing.  The ability to perform hundreds of tests in a day is a huge benefit to productivity. You can rely on accurate test results and identify the root cause of failures more quickly.  Shortened time-to-market reduces your costs and improves your competitive position because you can deliver products and services to your customers faster than ever, increasing your revenue.  

As it turns out, automated testing in no longer a luxury for big players.

This new line of blog articles will explain more in details moving forward what are the use cases, the benefits and the application of test automation in different industries and companies, regardless of their size. And how SEGRON can execute all of this for you.


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Senior SaaS System Administrator

Technical Skills :
  • Oversee the sysadmin related tasks in our SaaS infrastructure (partially cloud based, partially bare metal)
  • Daily operation and maintenance of the system
  • Analysing and resolving incidents
  • Follow and help improving the incident and change management procedures
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Incorporating base OS updates and security patches
  • Ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats by raising change requests where potential threat is possible
  • Performing SW updates for the Segron SaaS SW stack (distributed architecture with clusters)
  • Configuring solutions like reverse proxy, firewalls, etc.
  • Building tools to automate procedures & reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience
  • Tutoring & coaching newcomers & less senior experts in the team
  • Interworking with the architects and IT admins of Segron to have the SaaS procedures inline with the Segron processes
Non-technical skills:
  • We are looking for a self-motivated, self-improving individual with a highly independent mindset and open and straightforward technical communication to help us to improve and maintain our cloud infrastructure of our powerful end-to-end testing solution ATF (Automated Testing Framework)
  • 3+ years hands-on experience with operation and monitoring of cloud / linux systems
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with network devops elements: configuring routers, switches, networks
  • Hands-on experience with running live systems with infrastructure as a code mode of operation
  • Specific knowledge which brings direct advantage: Docker, Docker Compose, Grafana, Prometheus, Ansible, Debian Linux OS administration, Security
  • Experience in building and maintaining distributed systems (incl. redundancy, resiliency, load-balancing) is welcome
  • Excellent knowledge of English
Location :
  • Place of work: Bratislava (partially home office possible)
  • Rate: from 30 EUR/hour (possible higher rate, depends on experience)
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CI/CD Senior Developer

Technical Skills :
  • A senior role with a proven expertise in software development, cloud computing, DevOps, and CI/CD
  • Experience in planning, designing, and overseeing the CI/CD strategy and architecture on the level of organization
  • Ability to tailor testing strategies which define and follow the best practices, standards, and policies for the software delivery process
  • Hands-on experience in creating and managing CI/CD pipelines and workflows (PaaC)
  • Ability to evaluate and recommend the best tools, technologies, and methodologies for the CI/CD implementation
  • Prior hands-on experience working with different CI/CD toolsets (Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitLab, artifactory, Ansible ..)
  • Proficient with DevOps tools API automation capabilities
  • Proficient with Atlassian Tools (BitBucket, Jira, Confluence) and agile SW development methodologies
  • Familiar with cloud patterns and best practices
  • Familiar with web performance best practices
  • Comfortable working in cloud DevOps ecosystem
  • Comfortable working with Linux platforms
  • Initial working experience in SW development is an advantage.
Non-technical skills:
  • Effective communication with technical as well and business stakeholders
  • Self-motivating, self-improving mindset
  • Ownership of relevant industry certificates is a plus
Location :
  • Location: Bratislava, Slovakia (with hybrid flexibility)
  • Rate: from 30 EUR/hour (possible higher rate, depends on experience)
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Test Automation Engineer

Job description, responsibilities:

  • ATF system configuration, integration, operations & maintenance in customer environments.
  • Building tools to automate procedures & reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience.
  • Hardware Verification, Testing and Preparation within the Staging Process.
  • Contribution to customer and service partner technical support across multiple accounts by sufficiently managing priorities and deadlines for own work.
  • Segron Laboratory equipment configuration and maintenance support.
  • Hardware order and logistics support.
  • Problem analysis of ATF issues, troubleshooting and fault correction.
  • Interface towards SEGRON Development Team in case of product or software issues.
  • Interface towards the SEGRON Technical Sales Team to support planned activities.
  • System and Integration documentation and guidelines.
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors.
  • Deployment of software updates and fixes.
  • Ability to work in a team environment serving multiple global customers.
  • Willing to travel for 3-5 days onsite deployments
Requirements/ Skills:
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Good Knowledge of Containers and Virtual Machines
  • Telco experience welcome
  • Python or other scripting experience or knowledge preferable
  • Educational Qualification: Computer Science/Engineering or work experience equivalent
  • Work Experience: 3-4 years preferred


  • Full time job (employment)
  • 3 days onsite, 2 days home office
  • Offered salary: from 1800 Euro (depends on seniority and skills level)
  • Variety of financial benefits
  • Place of work: Bratislava
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Senior Python Developer

Technical Skills :

  • A solid, experienced SW developer with at least 10 years of experience in active SW development in different programming paradigms
  • Minimum 5 years of professional Python development experience
  • Master or college degree from Computer Science, Mathematics or STEM domain
  • Well educated in design and programming patterns that increase software’s efficiency and readability.
  • Very good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • At least three skills out of the following 4 skills are requested:
    • Microservices based architectures (Docker containers)
    • Linux
    • Ansible
    • Robot  Framework
  • Comfortable with sysadmin and DevOps skills (Ansible, YML files, Network Programming, IP protocols, designing and developing proxy servers for different protocols – example: streaming, integrating and compiling third party libraries on Linux (Debian))
  • Proficient with Atlassian Tools (BitBucket, Jira, Confluence) thorough understanding of Git and version control best practices
  • Familiar with cloud patterns and best practices
  • Familiar with web performance best practices

Non-technical skills:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to abstract and explain your work
  • Strong understanding of Agile development process and experience working in an agile team
  • Strong communication skills with both technical and non-technical stakeholders
Location :
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (with hybrid flexibility)
  • Rate: from 35 EUR/hour (possible higher rate, but depends on experience)
Segron logo - The Next Generation of Active Testing