Audi Selects SEGRON for testing car connectivity services

We are honored to announce that AUDI AG selected SEGRON to test and monitor their car connectivity services globally using SEGRON’s ATF solution. The agreement will run for 3 years and represents the first milestone for SEGRON to enter the automotive industry.
The connected car market is growing, and cars are becoming more connected than ever before, in 2025 it is expected that more than 70% of all cars sold will be connected cars (according to Counterpoint Connected Car study). Along with this growth also availability and reliability aspects gain importance which lead to an increased demand for testing and monitoring. Being a recognized vendor in testing communication services Audi approached SEGRON to support them in verifying the connected car services globally.
Aim was to create an active end-to-end testing solution for verifying various connected car scenarios like Data Services, eSIM provisioning or remote OTA updates. With the help of SEGRON AUDI could integrate and deploy their connectivity modules for an E2E services verifications in various countries of Europe, Asia and Americas. The solution is fully maintained and operated by SEGRON, test execution and reporting is delivered as a managed service. Audi’s technical experts can access the platform for troubleshooting or ad hoc testing at any time.
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Michael Sedlacek

Michael Sedlacek

Michael has a long history in the telecoms industry and served many international projects as Senior Network Engineering Expert and Integration Consultant, which gave him profound insights and experience in mobile technology and its requirements before starting up SEGRON Test Automation Solutions.

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Linux IT Engineer

Service summary:

• Understand SEGRON’s technology, product, and IT systems
• Design, set-up, install and transition SEGRON IT services towards Linux cloud deployments.
• Administer and manage applications of SEGRON Linux IT system landscapes
• Act as direct contact person for an external team of Linux security experts and be responsible for
service operations (requests, changes, problems, incidents)
• Provision and maintain Linux clients/servers in production and development environments.
• Solid Python scripting knowledge
• Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible and YAML playbooks.
• Experience of monitoring tools and statistics – InfluxDB, Grafana
• Strong technical problem-solving skills and experience in IP networking and static routing FTP,
SSH, SMTP, DNS, HTTP/S, DHCP, SMB/NFS, Syslog logging facility
• Solid understanding of operating databases and file systems
• Solid understanding of server deployment, configuration and troubleshooting common issues
• Preparing cost estimates for System security enhancements
• Testing the final security system and updating and upgrading it as needed.
• Responding quickly and effectively to all security incidents and providing post-event analyses
• Monitoring the IT security supplier, cultivating a sense of security awareness within our
organization, and arranging for continuous education
• Remaining up to date with the latest security systems, standards, authentication protocols, and
• Representing SEGRON in case of security audits driven by suppliers

Skills & Qualifications

• Interest in digital system landscapes, web technologies and cloud computing
• Enthusiasm for innovation, technology, learning and knowledge
• Excellent customer communication skills
• Team player, willing to help, flexible
• Excellent knowledge of English


• Full time job
• Offered rate: from 35 EUR/hour (depends on seniority and skills level)