Can Testing Automation Improve Network Quality?

According to a recent McKinsey study, network quality concerns comprise some of the most important factors impacting a given customer’s choice of mobile carrier. While pricing is still the most important one on average, survey respondents were also quick to list national and local coverage, network speed, and quality of 4G as critical deciding factors in carrier selection.

In spite of the growing importance of network quality, however, McKinsey also found that the average quality of service for voice has decreased across Europe in recent years.

Sure, usage patterns among mobile phone users are changing, but this state of affairs still seems unsustainable. If a particular operator constantly makes gains in mobile broadband at the expense of voice functionality, they’re likely to see an increase in churn.

Why? Because customers increasingly think of their service as a holistic experience, rather than a set of discreet service offerings. Just because you’re able to offer the lowest latency for voice-over-IP, doesn’t mean that you’ll be forgiven for spotty geographical coverage, and vice versa.

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