Citymesh selects SEGRON for network testing

We are honored to announce that Citymesh selected SEGRON to test and monitor their 4G & 5G network using SEGRON’s ATFiC solution which enables them to quickly provide the necessary automated test capacities for speeding up their network integration ensuring a proper quality for their end customers.

Citymesh is the European leader and expert in the construction of private 4G & 5G networks and Wifi as a Service and provides solutions in the Telco, IoT, Drone and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) area. As connectivity is essential in achieving business objectives, Citymeshs mobile private networks are fast, ultra-reliable and secure. As a market leader in mobile private networks, they provide the right solution for every environment, whether it’s industrial, corporate, or outdoors.

This collaboration between the two innovative companies makes it possible to provide services to end customers even faster and with the best possible quality. Requirements of the new technologies such as testing of network slicing in 5G using real devices or the verification of Ultra Reliable & Low Latency, massive Machine-Type Communication, and enhanced Mobile Broadband, will of course play an important role.

We are very much looking forward to this collaboration!