SEGRON at ConneXion Bangkok 2023

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SEGRON was again part of the Comfone Connexion event, which took place in Bangkok from 07. – 09. June 2023. Florian Leeder from SEGRON gave a presentation about 2G/3G sunsetting, the importance of VoLTE roaming and respective testing challenges.

With the planned shutdown of the 2G and 3G networks, VoLTE roaming is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, Network Operators recognized problems within the compatibility of devices and the roaming networks and testing is therefore of great importance to ensure the correct service functionality and quality for the end customers.
However, with a good test strategy, massive benefits can be achieved, as the deployment of VoLTE Technology can have a positive impact on end-user QoE, as call set-up times, as well as voice quality, improve significantly.

If you are eager to learn more about it, read our latest white paper “How to ensure voice roaming continuity after the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks” which can be downloaded here